My Fair Lady

I am really fortunate that one of professors that I have for two of my classes, Robin, likes to take us to museums and markets instead of sitting in class. Something that would NEVER happen at URI. Not that Rhode Island offers much, other than Slater Mill 😐 Also, I forgot my camera battery charger in the States, so I do apologize for the picture quality from my iPod. My mother was so kind as to mail me my battery, so soon enough I’ll be able to take more pictures 🙂

Markets to check out:

Portobello Market:

I recommend going on Friday morning. There’s a lot of great vintage finds here, from fur coats to unique rings. There’s shops nearby, and a Starbucks 🙂 There’s a big price range here, so depending on what you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone.

Camden Market

This is my favorite market thus far. I have been during the week, and on the weekend. And even though I’m not one for big crowds, I highly recommend going on a Sunday. There is SO much to see here. There’s vendors and shops everywhere. This market is quite popular, and it’s more modern than the others. This is not where you come to find vintage pieces, but there’s some amazing jewelry here…and I fell in love with too much:)

Covent Gardens

Oh I do love this area, it’s hard not to. There’s cobble stones everywhere, and you feel like you’re in a movie. Maybe that’s because you’ve seen My Fair Lady, and recognize this market as the market where Eliza Doolittle bought her flowers. She sold them on the steps of the modern day Opera House. Check this out on Monday morning! There’s loads of vendors selling vintage items at very cheap prices! I came here to look for a couple pieces to shoot for a still life in my styling class, and left satisfied. I also left very cold, because even though this an outdoor market, there’s a river that runs underneath it making it even colder. They use to store the flowers here, because it’s practically a refrigerator!

I still need to check out Brick Lane, Spitalfield, and Greenwich Market 🙂


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