from paris to PRAGUE

I honestly had no idea what was in Prague, and really only went to celebrate a friends birthday. Nonetheless, I loved this city, it was really beautiful. I feel that it’s impressive that I can say this when it was only 15 degrees out at its warmest while I was there. It was REALLY cold. I had two things on my agenda while I was there: visit Prague Castle, and see the John Lennon wall. Unfortunately, I did neither. Fail.

I did go on a three hour walking tour, and almost thought I was going to die from the cold though! I survived…or as I like to think, I’m adapting. Thank goodness the tour guide was awesome…but I don’t think there’s enough layers in the world to stay warm when the temperatures drop to below 10 degrees.

Note: I was in Prague for a shorter amount of time than the other girls because I didn’t want to miss the Superbowl. So, they did Prague Castle the second day…and I watched the Giants win another Superbowl!! (They did have a six hour flight delay, and didn’t get home until 7 a.m., and one of them was a Giants fan…All’s well that ends well.)

Learning about the history of Prague was really funny. As they haven’t really had control of their own country until recently (or I think they do at least). The tour guide said his grandfather has lived in 7 “different countries” without ever moving. He also said that his two siblings and himself were all born in different territories, and they were all born in the same hospital.

The cold severely messed with my memory, or ability to listen, but some of my favorite things I did take away from the tour was…

The picture of the Astronomical Clock (the clock and astrology sign wheel on the tower) is supposedly “the most disappointing tourist attraction in Europe”. This really upset the city, so they decided to jazz it up by having a trumpet player, and windows with little characters that come out ringing a bell every hour. (However, for some reason I don’t remember, it wasn’t working while I was there). The tour guide didn’t understand how this could possibly have ranked worse than Stonehenge. I thought that was pretty hilarious…as Stonehenge is just rocks that nobody knows how they got there…and they’re in London.

Also, the really scary statue with the hood, and no face, I don’t remember what it’s significance was. But two people have tried to climb into it, and both were unsuccessful and had to be removed with medical assistance.

We also stayed in the best hostel/hotel? I don’t know what it was, it was more like a hotel than a hostel, but we found it on, and it was quite inexpensive. It was so nice and cute though! They had the BEST breakfast. We were obsessed! 🙂

Everyone’s pretty friendly, and the city is gorgeous, I’d love to go back when the weather’s warmer some day 🙂


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