Holla Holland!

Unlike Prague, I did know a few things about Amsterdam/Holland/Netherlands: weed is legal, wooden clogs, tulips, and wind mills. As you can guess that really doesn’t appeal much to me, and Amsterdam was not on the top of my list of must see places. However, Amsterdam is such an adorable city. It’s cobble stone everywhere, and EVERYONE rides there bike. By the central train station, there’s a 3 story parking garage…for bikes!

The pond in the center of town is frozen, and everyone was ice skating. Dutch people are super nice, and thankfully all speak English. The breakfast place near where we were staying, Bagels and Beans, was great because we could grab a bagel before heading off for the day. They had fresh squeezed orange juice, and I thought I was in heaven because I had a cold. I don’t even like orange juice, but the Vitamin C in Amsterdam is delicious:) We went to the Heineken Factory, Van Gogh Museum, and walked around the city taking it all in.

I’m really not much of a beer drinker, but the Heineken Factory was so much fun! It was super touristy, and I loved it…so many photo ops. We got two and half glasses with the tour…but I opted out of one of glasses to get my dragughtmaster certificate haha 🙂 I failed the first attempt with too much foam…I guess bar tending isn’t in my future.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the Van Gogh museum, but it was neat to see some more of his artwork. We saw a few of pieces in the Museum de Orsay in Paris. I think it’s kind of ironic that Van Gogh’s most famous painting (arguably), Starry Night, isn’t in the Van Gogh Museum, but is in New York.

I got my picture with the Amsterdam letters! Dreams do come true! haha I think it’s so ridiculous that they put this monument in the city…but I love it.

I hope to visit Amsterdam before I leave again, it’s only 45 min. from London. I would love to go back and see Anne Franks house, and maybe take a ride out to a tulip field or wind mills, I think that would be fun!


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