Starbucks Green

In a sea of St. Patrick’s Day green in Dublin, Irleland, it is Starbucks that stands out above all else, my favorite color green 🙂 After a week of no Starbucks in Italy, I practically ran to the nearest Starbucks, standing in line for 20 minutes to get a latte. Well worth the wait, it revived me for a full day of drinking in Dublin. Initially I had no desire to spend St. Patricks day in Dublin, I didn’t think it was really going to be my scene. But, with a little push from my friends, I ended up in Ireland on St. Patricks day, with our flight leaving Pisa at 7:00 and arriving in Dublin at 8:45. I had an absolute blast, we had a lot of friends in Dublin on the big day, and we couldn’t have had more fun. I drank a Guinness and got my passport stamped in Dublin on St. Patricks Day. Life is good. We also had the best cab driver, his name was Hugh, and he gave us the low down on Dublin, a great map, and picked us up to go back to the airport. After a week of traveling and hostile living, we were ecstatic to stay at the Four Seasons. We all came back and took a the best showers and got a great night sleep. My only complaint, I wish we had a couple extra days there. I really want to see the countryside of Ireland, it’s so beautiful!



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