This summer marked a big first for me: I became a blonde. Well, not completely, but a little more blonde than I was before 🙂

I got a little push from my sister to go check out the hair salon Shag, in South Boston. They have been featured on MTV’s MADE and voted the “Best of Boston”. The owner, Sandy Poirier, asked me to be featured in a photo shoot for them, in exchange for a free hair cut and color. My lovely sister said they could have me if they featured her work as well 🙂 So, Stems Floral Design and Shag combined their work, and I got to be part of the fun!


Here’s the link to more pictures:

Go get your hair cut at Shag! More importantly, get it colored by Patty Martin because she’s the best!!


Let them eat cake.

I went back to Paris with Tara while she was visiting, and we had the most sparkly Eiffel Tower, warm weather, shiny Versailles trip ever 🙂 It has been my dream to visit Versailles ever since watching Sofia Coppola’s adaption of Marie Antoinette, I’ve become obsessed! I love this era of French history and the French monarchy…Louis XV, Madam de Pompadour, Louis XVI, and the infamous Marie Antoinette. It was the most grand and beautiful thing I have ever seen. The level of vastness at Versailles is incredible, almost as incredible as the onion soup 😉